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Mobile Vajazzle

Why not vajazzle your vajazzle with prices starting from just £15.00. This treatment must be booked within 4 days in advance. If you are booking a Vajazzle party for 6 ladies or more, you will each receive a 20% discount.

First seen on the TV Show The Only Way Is Essex, Vajazzling is a perfectly safe treatment which involves decorating your pubic area with crystals, gems, glitter and other decorations, typically after a Brazillian or Hollywood wax which we can also provide.

We use a resin based glue which is especially designed for use on skin and is allergy tested and approved by dermatologists.

Vajazzling can be done in many styles and shapes, you can have a simple pattern with just a few gems accentuating your private region or a stencil can be used to create shapes such as hearts, stars, lightning bolts. The options are endless and of course you can make your own suggestions too.

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